the unsaid never gets heard

Supporting Murray also means that you are supporting his decision to choose Amélie Mauresmo as his coach. When he hired her this summer, he broke the stereotype that top men can’t be coached by women, and he said his choice wasn’t about gender, but about finding a good fit.

Forty-two years after Title IX pushed for gender equity in sports, it is still uncommon for a woman to coach a top player, even in tennis, a sport where the best women have the power and the money to choose the members of their entourage.

Murray is the only player in the top 40 who is listed as being coached by a woman. These days, though, it’s hard not to notice that the sports world is changing, albeit inch by inch, when it comes to women elbowing their way into traditionally male roles.

decided to dismiss the high shorts and flannel shirt tied around my waist look…